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Which language to learn

Think about the English language. Imagine if we gave a Thomas Hardy book to a youngster who was just beginning to read. The child cannot understand the book so we decide to create a new language so the child does not need to learn such a complex language. How absurd.

Let me digress to write about Thomas Hardy. His books are magic for anyone who likes stories to be logical. His stories are not like a who done it where the outcome is usually random. Thomas Hardy lets us understand what is going on in the subjects mind. We can see the reason he is going to make the mistake before it happens. We think if only he had stopped and thought about the full consequences of his actions.

I discovered Thomas Hardy quite late in life (late 20's). He had such an impact that I read every one of his major books - starting with "A pair of Blue Eyes" and finishing with Tess of the d'Urbervilles.

The point is that the English language can be very complex but we can teach someone to use it without getting involved with the extreme subtleties of the language.

For PIC microcontrollers I usually write using assembler except when I am using complex mathematics where C is the right choice. When writing for the PC I use visual C#. All three of these can be used by beginners without getting involved in excessive complexity.