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Company Information:-

We are a small company selling educational products which are all the original creation of Peter Brunning. We have been trading continuously since 1984. You are very welcome to telephone to discuss your requirements before placing an order. Being small means that you always get straight through to someone who knows the answers.

We started trading in 1984 selling BrunWord for the Memotech computer. The very first order was taken on 20th July 1984. At that time Peter Brunning was working as an engineering manager in the development labs at Marconi Mobile Radio in Chelmsford.

In the next year 1985 BrunWord for the Amstrad CPC computer was released. Home computing was just starting to take off and BrunWord filled a vacant spot for a simple easy to use word processor. Later the spelling checker was added and then a simple data base. The market was hungry for these new products.

In 1987 the prospects for Brunning Software were looking very good so Peter Brunning resigned from Marconi and since then his only income has been from Brunning Software.

There were just two word processors worth considering for the Amstrad CPC and one of these top two was BrunWord. Business was good but the eight bit home computers were dying a slow death. There was good money to make in software for the new 16 bit PC home computers and big business was so obviously intending to take over.

By 1995 small software companies were struggling and many disappeared as quickly as they had started. Peter Brunning had predicted this down turn. Business had been good enough to create a reserve. So Peter Brunning worked for nearly a year with almost no income writing his first book Experimenting with PC Computers, and the first Brunning Software training course was created.

BrunWord the word processor was successful because it was the easiest word processor to use. And that is how we continue. It is the simplicity of our products that brings in the customers, but that alone would not be enough. Our products are also very successful for their intended purpose.

As for Brunning Software, we measure our success with 25 years of continuous trading.