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PIC Circuit Design & Programming
Mini Course

Part 1 £49
Light and Sound

For Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11
(New September 2016)

Our new mini course uses the same well proven training system as our P955H but the two courses have different content and so are mutually beneficial.

Part 1 of the mini course is now ready and starts by introducing the fundamental components which are used in electronic circuit design. This is done by experimenting with simple circuits which you build on the plugboard.

In the next chapter the manual flash LED circuit is expanded to use a PIC microcontroller to automatically flash the LED. You build the circuit then type in the software which tells the PIC how to turn on the LED. Then just as you are thinking it is too easy you are asked to change the LED circuit to a different output pin and to rewrite the software.

The book continues in this way with tutorials and exercises. You learn to use delay routines and a push button then you are asked to create a push to light system with the LED staying on for one minute. You are being taught how to outline and develop your own programmes.

Then you wire an RGB LED to the PIC and experiment with programmes to light the Red Green Blue LEDs individually and in various combinations to create the colours of the rainbow. We change tack and you wire a simple sounder circuit. You type in instructions to create a beep then expand this to create a siren. You learn to set the tone to true concert pitch.

In the final tutorial you wire LEDs to form the dots for a dice machine, type in the outline programme then develop it to produce a random result. Mini course part 1 is £49 which includes P205 PIC programmer with plugboard, pack of components with leads and links, 14 pin PIC16F1823, CD of software, 124 page book (210 x 115mm), USB to PC lead, and postage to a UK address.

Mini Course Part 1....... £49.00 including UK postage

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